Three Detained In Drug Bust


NASSAU, Bahamas, Mar 20 2017 – Bahamas law enforcement authorities have seized a large quantity of drugs worth nearly half a million US dollars in two incidents here Sunday.

Police said that in the first instance a 54-year-old man is assisting their investigations after 191.5 pounds of marijuana with a street value of US$191,000 had been found during a search of a residence in the capital.

In the second incident, two unidentified men, ages 42 and 43 years, were arrested and taken into custody after 20 pounds of cocaine and 10 pounds of marijuana were found on a vessel while in Bimini.

The police said that the cocaine had a street value of US$225,000 and the marijuana US$10,000.

The police said that all the suspects are expected to be arraigned before the Magistrate Court later this week.

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