A New Political Party Launches In Antigua

A New Political Party Launches In Antigua

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua, Apr 18 2017 – With a promise to advocate for transnational leadership and changing how politics has been practiced here, a new political party was launched Tuesday.

Member of Parliament for All Saints East and St Luke Joanne Massiah said the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) would change the culture of disillusionment with the current crop of political leaders in Antigua and Barbuda.

Massiah, who is a founding member of the DNA, said she would name candidates “after carnival.”

She envisions a “new Antigua and Barbuda” where residents can live out the motto, each endeavoring all achieving.

Massiah told the launch of her party, at the Multi-purpose Centre in the capital, that others in the past have failed to provide a reliable “supply of water, electricity and modern road infrastructure”.

She promised a 20-year development plan for the country called vision 20/20.

“Growth is only possible if we are prepared to change,” the female legislator said, while quoting the national anthem.

“We intend to give people hope . . . our politics will be one of ideas,” Massiah added.

In February, Massiah was expelled from the United Progressive Party, after a nasty and public leadership battle, which saw her placed before a disciplinary committee of the UPP.

The party’s colour is orange and its symbol is the rose.

With the launch of the DNA Massiah has become the first woman to lead a political party in Antigua and Barbuda. (bh/ANR/db)

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