ANTIGUA – Jamaican sex workers taken into protective custody


Antiguan authorities say a group of women recently rescued from Jam Dung and Wendy’s nightclubs are now in protective care after it was determined that they are human trafficking victims.

In a press release, the authorities said that of the 19 people carted off in the weekend raid some “did not meet the requirements of trafficking victims.”

The Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour said the women, who are all Jamaican nationals, will be receiving care and support from the Trafficking in Persons (Prevention) Secretariat.

The Care and Support Services Officer assigned to the case will ensure that these women get all of the services they require including counselling, medical services and dignity kits, the release said.

The release also indicated that others who were in violation of the country’s immigration laws “were referred to the Department of Immigration for additional processing.”

“A number of persons were also released on their own accord and at this time they are not the subject of the human trafficking investigation,” the release stated.

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