ANTIGUA – Police make multiple drug arrests


Several people are in police custody and are likely to be charged following a number of intelligence driven operations, which resulted in the seizure of large quantities of controlled drugs and ammunition.

On Friday, a team of police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department, Narcotics and K-9 Unit conducted a raid on a Cashew Hill property and found 307 grams of cannabis.

Three men – Dequain Peters, Kimani Gardner and Dujon Nugent – were found on the property and were arrested and taken into custody.

The police also carried out searches on two separate abandoned buildings in the area and found 9 ½ pounds of cannabis in one; and an additional 205 grams in the other. The drugs were seized and taken to the police station.

The searches continued at St Johnsons Village, in an area commonly referred to as “Mad People Town,” where Saran Andre was found with 159.5 grams of cannabis in his possession. The drugs were found wrapped in 106 transparent plastic bags.

A further search was conducted on a vacant parcel of land in the area, and the police found 1 ¾ pounds of cannabis and 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The items were seized and taken to the police station. Further investigations are currently on-going.

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