BAHAMAS – ACP Ministers to address critical development of fisheries sector


A major gathering of ministers and senior government officials from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands will take place in Nassau, the Bahamas from September 16 to 21.

With up to US$5.3 billion worth of fish exports entering the international market each year from these regions, the meeting seeks to reinforce shared commitments to improve governance and boost development of fisheries and aquaculture resources.

The event is especially important for the ACP Group of States, whose 79 member states include more than 60 that export fisheries products, both from maritime and inland fisheries and from aquaculture. Of these, more than 50 countries are coastal States, most of them with important coastal fishing communities.

The meeting will allow governments to take stock of the ACP strategic plan of action for fisheries and aquaculture, share national or regional good practices, deepen partnerships and discuss priority issues for multilateral engagement.

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