BARBADOS – U.S. Embassy continues to support entrepreneurship and innovation

U.S. Ambassador Linda Taglialatela (center), flanked by Public Affairs Officer, James Rodriguez (second left), Principal, Sandra Small-Thompson (second right), and author Gregory Skeete (far right), engage with the students of St. Paul’s Primary.

As it continues to support and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation across the Eastern Caribbean, the U.S. Embassy Bridgetown has announced, that through its Federal Assistance Program, it provided a grant of USD$5,000 to Barbadian entrepreneur Gregory Skeete for Phase 1 of his “Pilly Pelican Presents 50” educational project.

“Pilly Pelican Presents 50” is a series of educational books targeting children aged three to seven, and eight to 11. Authored by Gregory Skeete, a Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) 2016 Fellow, these books introduce children to critical economic development indicators such as productivity, planning, productivity, entrepreneurship and leadership. Skeete believes that introducing children at this stage of their development to these concepts will shape their outlook on work, employment, and the contribution that they can make to the development of their communities and countries.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Gaina Davila (right), and author Gregory Skeete (left), pose with Principal Marcia Best (fifth left), and senior teachers, and students.

With the grant from the U.S. Embassy, Skeete was able to print and donate 100 books to two primary schools – St. Paul’s, and Luther Thorne Memorial – on January 24. U.S. Ambassador Linda Taglialatela attended the presentation at St. Paul’s, and read an excerpt from “A Day in the Life of Axel the Ant,” much to the delight of the young students.

She also commented, “The U.S. Embassy is very happy to support a project such as Pilly Pelican. Not only because Mr. Skeete is a Fellow of the prestigious Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, but also because his project aligns perfectly with the Embassy’s goals of facilitating greater access to education, better health, and improved opportunities for the populations of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.”

Meanwhile, at the presentation at the Luther Thorne Memorial, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Gaina Davila spoke briefly with students, stressing the importance of reading and education as the pillars of development for young future leaders.

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