BERMUDA – Backlash over repeal of same-sex marriage law


Bermuda’s decision to repeal its same-sex marriage law has led to a backlash on social media with calls to boycott the destination.

Bermuda Tourism has promised to share the negative comments with the government, but urged tourists not to stop visiting.

“We are collecting your sentiments and sharing them with the Government of Bermuda,” it said in a post on its Facebook page.

“All of us at Bermuda Tourism, our industry partners, and many members of the community are committed to inclusiveness and will continue to treat all visitors to Bermuda with respect.”

The comments were made in response to a post by Bermuda Tourism on its web site and social media outlets, in which it explained the new Domestic Partnership Act 2017 and asked for people to give their responses.

One man called it ‘a horrific decision’, while another said: “You’ve broken our hearts, Bermuda. Please fix this.”

Another said: “My husband and I enjoyed two wonderful vacations in Bermuda but as it stands we will not be planning a third one. We loved Bermuda but this act broke our hearts.”

Other comments included:

“Let’s make this clear, tell your government that this heinous act of discrimination means we will boycott your island. Without tourists, you have nothing.”

“Separate but equal is not truly equal. My visit to September will be my last to your island.”

“After the passage of this act, I would never visit Bermuda. I do not want to passively condone this decision, by spending my tourist dollars at an intolerant country.”

“Dear Bermuda, I’m afraid you will have to join the 21st century or disappear into oblivion. Look forward not backwards!”

“Thank you for collecting and sharing feedback about the Domestic Partnership Act. I will not be visiting Bermuda until the decision to deny LGBT people marriage equality is reversed.”

One person called for the opposite of a boycott, saying: “Instead of crossing Bermuda off your list…organise and all-at-once LGBT ‘invasion’. Could you imagine it?”

Another called for a government U-turn, saying: “I feel confident in saying that if the Government reverses this decision, and reinstates marriage equality, that will probably get you as much positive attention as you are now getting negative attention!”

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