Bermuda is trying to make a tourism comeback


HAMILTON, Bermuda, Aug 14 2017 – Bermuda fell off the tourism map for two decades, but ever since the financial crisis hit and dented Bermuda’s brisk reinsurance industry, the tony island — home to Michael Bloomberg — has been trying to get the travel and leisure business back that it lost.

“The cruise ships still come, but the banking crisis encouraged Bermuda to evaluate the health of its tourism industry,” said Stephen King, the former managing director of Barclays Capital who recently opened the island’s first new hotel in 45 years, The Loren at Pink Beach.

King, who tapped New York’s Plaza Hotel caterer Great Performances to handle the food and beverage at The Loren, told The Post that Bermuda is positioning itself as an alternative to the Hamptons, touting the 90-minute plane trip as shorter than a drive to the Hamptons on the Long Island Expressway. (ETN)

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