CARRIACOU – Plans underway for third annual corn festival

Ears of sweet corn

Plans are well on stream for the hosting of the Third Annual Corn Festival carded for Sunday, October 29.

Known for growing a large quantity of corn, the island of Carriacou will again witness a wide variety of product prepared from corn on sale including coo-coo, corn bread, corn cake,conkie- “paime”, corn porridge and corn-kebabs.

The 2017 festival is again being organized under the theme, “Discover and Relish Corn’s Goodness”.

Coordinators of this unique event Dexter Lendore and Dexter Leggard note that Corn Fest 2017 is again intended to inspire and encourage community togetherness while exploring the variety of products derived from corn.

Corn has been the predominant staple food enjoyed by ancestors and is a permanent feature at the islands’ traditional “saraca”- smoked food.

The day’s event which will be held at the popular Foot Print Bar, close to the Lauriston Airport will showcase a number of Carriacou’s cultural traditions including string band music and May Pole dancing.

The venue, according to the organizers, with its turquoise water, easy access, adequate parking and spacious sandy grounds is perfect for such an event.

Lendore and Leggard who both have extensive background and knowledge in the local cultural and tourism landscape are hoping that Corn Fest will continue to be an additional feature on the island’s cultural calendar.

The event is endorsed by the Grenada Tourism Authority along with other cooperate sponsors.

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