Doctors Plan Strike In Support Of Arrested Colleague


BRADES, Montserrat, Mar 02 2017 – Doctors in Montserrat have embarked on protest action in support of their colleague, Dr. Franklin Perkins, who was arrested on Tuesday based on allegations of indecent assault made by a patient.

Perkins has since been released on bail and will return to court on Friday.

“We are very disappointed in the way the whole thing was managed. We are here really in his defence. Dr. Perkins has been a government and private practitioner since I was a child …and he is very dedicated to his profession,” said Dr. Ingrid Buffonge.

Speaking on a radio station here, she said never in “my entire profession had any patient come forward with accusation such as this.

“As medical professionals, we spend a lot of time with patients and we are particularly vulnerable to accusations like this and therefore as a team we have got to put things in place to make sure that such things don’t happen again.”

She said the doctors strongly believe their colleague is innocent adding “today we are actually on strike.

But Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Lowell Lewis said that there were no disruptions to services at the Glendon Hospital or health centres.

Meanwhile, the Montserrat Women’s Resource Centre (MWRC), which provides supportive and educational services for girls and women here, said it is aware of the allegations and recent arrest of Dr. Perkins and wishes that none of this were true.

“The MWRC is disappointed at the precipitate dismissal of this young woman’s claims by respected medical professionals, even while it comprehends the desire of the profession to support one of their own and especially at the strike action announced.

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