DOMINICA – Government minister flown to Cuba for medical treatment


Trade, Energy and Employment Minister, Ian Douglas, has arrived in Cuba for medical treatment, but officials here have downplayed suggestions that he is extremely ill.

“Last week, Minister Douglas was indeed not feeling well and went to the Portsmouth Hospital where he was examined by a doctor. A number of tests were prescribed for the Minister to have undertaken the following day,” said Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Steve Ferrol.

“The government of Dominica then took a decision to make arrangements for the Minister to travel to Cuba where the tests that began at the Portsmouth Hospital could be completed and then to proceed with a thorough check-up,” he said.

The Cabinet Secretary said that Douglas “was not medically evacuated as has been suggested” adding “there was no ambulance involved, there was no doctor or nurse who accompanied Minister Douglas. He walked to the aircraft on Saturday which flew directly from Douglas-Charles to Cuba,” Ferrol said.

He said that the Dominica government has an arrangement with Cuba allowing for Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and other Parliamentarians to be able to utilize the opportunity to have regular check-ups in Cuba.

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