Elections are simple, the party that gets the most votes wins – Political Scientist


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  1. This holds true in a Proportional Representation System but no so where the First-Past-the-Post System is adhered to where the winner is determined by the greater number of seats won and not the popular vote.

  2. Can I be a citizen without the valid documents, can I say I am married if I cannot show that I am, I am banking at the same bank for years and every time I go the need a form of identification. So how can we know the votes are valid if I have know evidence.

  3. And dem wah dead vote wha happen n dont forget dem wah migrate and when the ballot box open and none of the statutory documents required by law to be in de box missing how do u account for those votes?
    Hey are you a GUYANESE? if no go pick your bananas or nutmeg or catch yuh flying fish .


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