Enough is enough: CARICOM leaders must tell Granger to go

John Beale is a former Ambassador of Barbados to the US and Permanent Representative to the OAS for seven and a half years and was also a Financial Consultant to the OAS.

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  1. To go where? Y’all stay the flying fish out of our business. When Jagdeo was killing hundreds of youth where were you? Mr. Granger killed no one. We have seen development and progress in the livelihood of all Guyanese. Just allow us to solve our own problems…. Please and thanks.

  2. Sir, please come to Guyana and put him out. Are you aware of these dates?
    1st August 1834, 26th May 1966 and 23rd February, 1970.
    If not I beg ,please do some research and inform us of your flight details to The CO OPERATIVE REPUBLIC Of GUYANA.

  3. It is important that we acquaint ourselves with the facts and don’t be a stranger to the truth.

    Only valid votes must count!! Shame on you sir, you are a lawyer and should know better !!

  4. Ok where were you people when Burnham was killing in the his days.well 2 of my Uncles die from it.you people talking that had to kill black youths. Where is the proof? Then show it so the world to see.abd let him go to jail.bit guess what you people don’t have proof, so just shut up.

  5. Shut the fck up who the fck are you looks like another hold down and tek away election they wanted President Granger stand firm you are in charge you need to shut them up

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  7. Fake news where all of those crass came from… is why they hate Granger so much I guess because he doesn’t condone or indulge in bad activities make they all are lashing out against him but WHO GOD FAVOR AND BLESS NO MAN CURSE PRAYERS GOING UP 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. PPP scams started from
    1) Bloating of the list
    2) No confidence vote
    3) to avoid cleansing of the list
    4) Switching of ballot boxes.
    By the Grace of God
    They were caught


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