GUYANA ELECTIONS: US can revoke visas, freeze oil funds if gov’t is undemocratically elected

José R. Cárdenas

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  1. Your pittiful news source should have the funding frozen that you’re clearly swooping up from the corrupt murderers of the PPP Government…SHAME ON YOU IDIOTIC CARIBBEAN “WRONG” NEWS

  2. We are an independent country how the can do that what a shame them this news source know the true and the are lying to people I am such a shame of you guys I never study history but I think I know more than you guys the little I hear 😉

  3. Independent country… Stop begging for help from other countries… And no one will say anything to you…better yet Isolate yourself… You will eat rice flour for bfast.. Lunch..and dinner.. Will you have all the fancy things that you have now…NOOOO…you wouldn’t even have money to buy.. Much less see these things… will you get your small piece from wu or mg.. NOOO.. Will you get your barrel..Noooo… Will you get medical supplies when you go to the hospital…Noooo… Y’all think.. Dumb ppl..

  4. All those people are accepting fraudulent vote if they are true Democrat they would ask for a new list and a new election think about that with the fairness of both side

  5. Is the Granger Administration that decided to put the money in US Federal Reserve. A very bad decision. That money should have been place in our own central bank reserves.


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