Guyana Ventures Into Yachting


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Sept. 4, CNS – Guyana is on its way to becoming a yachting destination. The Hurukabra River Resort is teaming up with the Ministry of Tourism to host the Nereid’s yachting rally in the Essequibo River. More than 25 yachts arrived in the country last year.

The rally is slated to kick off on Sept. 5 when the first yacht is expected to arrive and will go through to Sept. 17 with nine other yachts joining the rally.

During this year’s rally, a yacht measuring 72 ft. is expected, making it the largest to ever visit local waters.

The yachts will first clear immigration and customs at Bartica after which they will each set sail to the Hurukabra River Resort which is a short distance away from Bartica on the west bank of the Essequibo River where they will anchor.

After Guyana’s leg of the Nereid’s yachting rally, the yachts will sail to Suriname and then on to French Guiana.


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