JAMAICA – PNP’s Dr Shane Alexis applying for Jamaican citizenship


The People’s National Party (PNP) has said Dr Shane Alexis, its candidate in St. Mary South Eastern, has started the process of applying for his Jamaican citizenship.

This was contained in a news release on Wednesday.

The party reiterated that Dr Alexis was duly nominated on Monday in keeping with the provisions required by the Constitution of Jamaica.

The issue of Dr Alexis’s citizenship was raised on Tuesday by Daryl Vaz, Member of Parliament for Portland Western.

Vaz raised the matter disclosing that even though Dr Alexis as a Canadian is able to sit in the House of Representatives, he had not applied for Jamaican citizenship.

He had declared that obtaining this would be a true demonstration of Dr Alexis’ commitment to Jamaica.

News has also surfaced that Dr Alexis was also the holder of a Grenadian passport.

His mother is from Grenada.

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