PM confident of victory in upcoming general election


ST GEORGE’S, Grenada, Jul 12 2017 – Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell says he is confident that the ruling New National Party (NNP) will be returned to power in the upcoming general election.

Mitchell, who is also the current chairman of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) urged Grenadians to return the party to power to ensure that there is a smooth transition from one chairman of the CDB to another next year.

He said that in May 2018, Grenada will be hosting the annual CDB meeting and hopes that Grenadians will understand why his Government needs to be the one handing over to the new chairman.

“No changes should take place,” Mitchell said.

No date has been announced for the general election that is constitutionally due by March 2018.

The Parliamentary Elections Office, which is responsible for executing a general election, recently disclosed that it’s ready to ensure free and fear general elections.

In the last general election held in 2013, it was a landslide for the NPP that won all 15 seats in Parliament.


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