Six people drown in Haiti


PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Aug 18 2017 – Search and rescue operations were continuing here on Friday after six women drowned when their sailboat capsized.

The Local Civil Protection agency representative, Jose Rethone, said that 23 people have so far been rescued after the boat sank off the Canal de la Tortue. At least 10 others are missing.

Rethone did not provide the identities of the women that died during the incident, but said the boat overturned Thursday in rough seas as it was carrying people on a regular route between the island of La Tortue and Port-de-Paix.

He said officials believe about 40 people were on board but there was no manifest. The vessels used as ferries in that area are frequently overloaded and poorly maintained.

At least three other people have been taken to the Immaculate Hospital of Port-de-Paix.

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