ST KITTS – Youths urged to attend climate smart tourism conference

Dianille Taylor wants youth to attend upcoming Climate Smart Tourism Conference

Young people in St. Kitts and Nevis, particularly those pursuing tertiary education in hospitality, tourism management or some other related field are encouraged to register for an upcoming tourism conference that will explore climate change and sustainable tourism development.

The Climate Smart Sustainable Tourism Forum is slated for September 06 to 08 and will explore solutions for climate change that take into account adaptation and mitigation strategies.

The Tourism Ministry’s Assistant Secretary, Diannille Taylor-Williams, said officials are hoping for a good representation of young people.

“They are the innovators and we need that in tourism especially as a small destination,” Taylor-Williams stated, referring to the combined 105 square miles of the twin-island federation.

“We don’t have the land space as some other destinations but we can create the experience that is felt in bigger countries through technology and innovation. They [young people] have the ideas so that is what we are relying on.

Major elements of the conference will highlight sustainable tourism in the federation and include a look at best practices based on local and regional developments.

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