Statement from the CARICOM Chair on the Guyana Election Situation


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  1. Madam prime minister you is your view please think about this seriously, Guyanese really don’t want PPP C back in office okay. What happened to the validation process, the chairman say after the recount we will get a validation system but that never happen. PPP/C never win region 4 and will never win that region so do the right thing and stop taking side. Guyanese are fearful of the PPP C getting back in office you are think Guyanese put him back there never.

  2. These people think Guyanese are fool but we will not take this,if PPP C was in Barbados and this very election fraud happen what will happen, how your people will take it. I know other caricom countries think Guyanese is foolish people but no u will never like what will happen. I’m can’t believe you madam prime minister believe these people didn’t committed mass fraud, we Guyanese are hurting for far too long


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