VIDEO: Release us! Barbudans want to return home


On Sept. 6, Barbuda became one of the first victims of Hurricane Irma, which swept in winds measuring up to 185 miles (298 km) an hour, killing one person and damaging an estimated 90 percent of properties.

All 1,600 inhabitants left under a mandatory evacuation order to seek shelter in neighbouring Antigua as another hurricane barrelled down on Barbuda just days after Irma, though it ultimately veered off course.

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  1. True sentiments. Antigua appears poised to force unwanted measures on Barbudans. Barbudan and Antiguan lifestyle and perspectives are vastly different. It is important that the international community monitor what is occurring. Antiguans have long held Barbudan interests in low regard and attempted to bully the small Barbudan population. They have long been at odds with their lifestyle and land sharing arrangement. They are using this disaster to control and manipulate the Barbudan position and mould it to their own interests and will. By force. This is fast becoming an international human rights issue. Barbudans must not be led but must rise up and return home and claim what is rightfully theirs. The international community must get their assistance directly to the Barbuda Council. Any assistance sent to Antigua will not reach the individual Barbudan resident. Let’s be clear on this. I have watched from afar for many years and have studied the politics of this strained relationship (Barbudan/Antiguan). What is now happening is appalling. Barbudans, revolt and reclaim what is yours. Call your abroad sons and daughters to your aid. They are a powerful force and can muster the aid you need and provide the skills you need to repair your island paradise on your own. Push off political based aid. It is a garrotte about your neck. You are a proud people that do not bow to slavery. You have a freeman and emancipated position. Never forget that. The land that is Barbuda is yours and was bequeathed to you and your direct descendants. No one else.

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